15–25.08.2017 Astana, Kazakhstan

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Albert Mamriev

Since 1998 when Albert Mamriev won the 1st Prize at „Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition“ in Madrid, he has established himself internationally as one of the most versatile pianists of his generation.

Prizewinner of many international piano competitions such as: "China International" in Peking, "Gina Bachauer" in Salt Lake City, "Citta Di Marsala" in Sicily, "Delia Steinberg" in Madrid, "Tunbridge Wells" in London, "MoriceClairmont" in Tel-Aviv,  "Vianna Da Motta" in Lisboa, "Scottish international" in Glasgow, "Olym" in Netania, "Mauro Paolo Monopoli" in Barletta, "Seiler" in Kitzingen, and "UNISA" International  Music Competition" in Pretoria - Albert Mamriev performing  with the world famous Orchestras like Royal Scottish National, Israel Chamber, Mexico Symphony, Gulbenkian Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony, Pretoria Symphony, Haifa Philharmonic, Shenzhen Symphony, Göttinger Symphony, Beijing Symphony, Wernigerode Chamber, Bacau Symphony under the baton of Tan Li Hua, Alexander Lazarev, Christoph Mueller, Enrique Batiz, Flavio Florence, Gal Alterovich, Nicoletta Conti, Mauricio Linari, Salvador Masconde, Christian Fitzner, Ovidiu Balan and many others.

Albert Mamriev was born in Dagestan and studied piano with his father - JankelMamriev, as well with Alexander Bakulov and Sergei Dorensky in Moscow and with ArieVardi in Tel Aviv and Hannover.

Albert Mamriev performing around the world at numerous prestigious festivals and as well the recitals in many music centers of the world,  including Almeria, Augsburg, Beijing, Berlin, Braunschweig, Brussels, Cleveland, Dallas, Düsseldorf, Glasgow, Granada, Hamburg, Hannover, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Milano, Munich, Oberlin, Paris, Reykjavik, Salt Lake City, Seoul, Stuttgart, Taipei, Taijuan, Tallin, Tel Aviv, Toluca, Tui, Valencia and Venice.

Albert regularly teaches master classes in China, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine and the USA including the «Gnessin Academy» in Moscow, the Seoul National University, the Conservatoire «G. Verdi» in Milano, the «Buchman-Mehta» school of music in Tela Aviv, the Reykjavik Music Academy, the «IstitutoSuperioere Tchaikovsky» in LameziaTherme and many other major music centers.

His students include many of brilliant young concert artists. Many of them are top prize winners of major international competitions.

He has been a jury member at several competitions including  «UNISA», «Ettore Pozzoli» ,«Cantu», «Robert Schumann», «Spanish Composers», «Campillos», «ArcangeloSperanza», «ValesesiaMusica», «Maurice Clairmont», «IsodorBajic», «Cesar Franck», «F. Chopin», «Lyon» , «Parnassos», «Mozarte».

The complete recording of Wagner-Liszt Transcriptions, and the World Premiere of Ami Maayani’s Piano Concerto with Beijing Symphony Orchestra -  grows out of Albert Mamriev's fascination with the stylistic richness and diversity of piano music written between the periods of Late Romanticism and the Avant Garde, and his enjoyment of the technical and interpretive challenges it presents.

2009 founded Albert Mamriev the "Neue Sterne" International Piano Competition in Wernigerode (www.neuesterne.org) and in 2010 the "Klaviersterne" International Festival in KöningsWusterhausen.

In 2014 founded Mr. Mamriev the „Young Piano Stars“ International Competition in KönigsWusterhausen (www.youngpianostars.org)

Also in radio and television Albert Mamriev is present. Recordings of his concerts sprang up all over Europe, the USA, Mexico, Australia and Asia. He also gave several interviews for the Radio, TV, Music magazines - most recently for the „Piano Forum“, the "Piano News" and the "Piano Wereld“.

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