15–25.08.2017 Astana, Kazakhstan

Competition / Piano / Jury

Timur Urmantcheev

Timur Urmancheev is one of the brightest representatives of Kazakhstan's academic musical art. The creative space of the pianist covers different spheres of his professional activity. Bright soloist, a great accompanist, a brilliant partner in chamber music that’s how you one describes Timur Urmancheev. In the creative unions with Timur Urmancheyev there were well-known Kazakhstan and foreign musicians, among them many recognized masters of musical performance.

Speeches of the laureate of international competitions Timur Urmancheev always are a significant event in the cultural life of the country. Touring activities of Timur Urmancheev covers, in addition to the Republic of Kazakhstan, various cities of near and far abroad (France, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Finland, etc.).

Timur Urmancheev is also a significant figure for the creative youth of Kazakhstan. He has many recordings on television and radio, and his performances are broadcast both on domestic ("Khabar", "Caspionet", "Kazakhstan") and foreign ("Culture" Russia, "Mezzo" France) channels, promoting the art of Kazakhstan abroad.

Being an example of an artist with an active civil position, Timur Urmancheev contributes to the development of social aspects of the country's academic culture, participating in charitable projects and concerts. Also, Timur Urmancheev is known as the artistic director of a number of international and national festivals. Here it is necessary to mention the projects "The Times of the Connecting Thread", the international festivals "Japanese Spring" and "Japanese Autumn", the annual international festival of classical art "Astana keshteri" which takes place in Astana, the capital of the republic.

Timur Urmancheev is a professor at the Department of Piano of the Kazakh National University of Arts, a soloist of the Kazakh State Philharmony named after Zhambyl. Having united the efforts of the most prominent young musicians of Kazakhstan, Urmancheev created the state trio "Forte-trio", the art director of which he is. Urmancheyev's contribution to the development of the national musical culture was repeatedly noted at the state level. By the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2001, Timur Urmancheev was awarded the "Yeren Enbek yshin", in 2006 - awarded the highest title in the field of culture - "Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan", in 2015 Timur Urmancheev was awarded the title of Chevalier of the Order Kurmet.

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